Seollal Special Events and Event Updates (1st week of Feb)

Seollal, or the Lunar New Year, will be on February 10. Most Koreans would be going to their hometown and spending this time with their families. Some people would be using this time to go on a vacation somewhere. If you didn't have anything planned, here are some events that you can check out.

Seollal Events:
Seollal Events at National Gugak Center Feb 10 – 11 Seocho Seoul
Korean Folk Village New Year's Celebration Feb 2 – 11 Yongin Gyeonggi-do
Celebrate Seollal with the KTO Feb 7 – Feb 16 Jung-gu Seoul

Korea Grand Sale Jan 11 – Feb 28
Jeju Field-Burning Festival Mar 8 – Mar 10 Jeju-si Jeju-do
Ganghwa Bingeo Festival Dec 22 – Feb 24 Ganghwa Incheon
Happy Winter Festival Dec 14 – Mar 3 Yeonsu Incheon
Happy Winter Festival Dec 22 – Mar 3 Changwon Gyeongsangnam-do
Happy Winter Festival Dec 15 – Mar 3 Gumi Gyeongsangbuk-do
Happy Winter Festival Dec 15 – Feb 24 Seo-gu Gwangju
Yeongwol Donggang Winter Festival Jan 11 – Feb 3 Yeongwol Gangwon-do
Pyeongchang Trout Festival Dec 22 – Feb 3 Pyeongchang Gangwon-do
Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival Jan 25 – Feb 3 Taebaek Gangwon-do
Daegwallyeong Snow Festival Jan 9 – Feb 5 Pyeongchang Gangwon-do
Happy Winter Festival Dec 19 – Feb 17 Yuseong Daejeon
Happy Winter Festival Dec 21 – Feb 24 Buk-gu Daegu

Van Gogh in Paris through Mar 24 Seocho Seoul
Tim Burton Exhibition Dec 12 – Apr 14 Jung-gu Seoul
The World Animals: Exhibition Project through Mar 3 Yongsan Seoul
Pine Tree: Looking Ahead 1000 Years Through Feb 17 Jongno Seoul
History in Glass Through Feb 27 Yongsan Seoul
I Am an Artist Exhibition Through Mar 31 Seocho Seoul
Musei Vaticani Collection Through Mar 31 Seocho Seoul
Anish Kapoor Exhibiiton Through Feb 8 Yongsan Seoul
American Impressionism Exhibition Through Mar 29 Seocho-gu Seoul
Sparkling Secrets -Swarovski Through Feb 17 Jongno Seoul
Label Market Exhibition Through Feb 17 Mapo Seoul
Year of the Snake Exhibition Through Feb 25 Jongno Seoul
Asian Wedding Rituals Through Feb 11 Jongno Seoul
Joseon Dynasty Life Jan 15 – Feb 24 Jongno Seoul
Engraving Exhibition-Baptiste Fompeyrine Jan 15 – Feb 24 Jongno Seoul
Maden Pictures 13 Jan 15 – Mar 3 Cheongdam Seoul
Israel in Photography Jan 22 – Feb 7 Jung-gu Seoul
Art Across America Feb 5 – May 19 Yongsan Seoul
The Peranakan World: Cross-cultural Art from Singapore and the Straits Mar 19 – May 19 Yongsan Seoul
Mongolian Archeological Excavation Result Exhibition Apr 23 – Jun 23 Yongsan Seoul
A Painter’s Life: Kang Sehwang and Literati Culture Jun 11 – Aug 11 Yongsan Seoul
Buddhist Guardian Paintings of Late Joseon May 14 – Sep 8 Yongsan Seoul
Memory of Landscape I have never seen Jan 25 – Apr 21 Jung-gu Seoul
Snake Exhibition at Seoul Zoo Jan 1 – Feb 28 Gwacheon Gyeonggi-do
Lim Choong-sup Exhibition Through Feb 24 Gwacheon Gyeonggi-do
Caricatures of Korean Presidents Through Mar 31 Bucheon Gyeonggi-do
Dream Walking in the Magical Reality Through Aug 11 Gwacheon Gyeonggi-do
Donated Photographs 2012 Through May 26 Gwacheon Gyeonggi-do
The Poetic Object - Contemporary Crafts Through Mar 31 Gwacheon Gyeonggi-do
Beyond the Plate/ Beyond the Sketch and Study Through Feb 11 Gwacheon Gyeonggi-do
Korean Life & Customs of Modern Times (Free) Through Feb 28 Jung-gu Daegu
Alive Gallery - Living Art Through Mar 3 Buk-gu Daegu
Contemporary Video Art in China Through Feb 24 Cheonan Chungcheongnam-do
Journey to the World-Renowned Art Museums Jan 5 – Feb 28 Haeundae Busan
Cinema Prism Jan 11 – Jan 30 Haeundae Busan


National Gugak Center Music Classes Mar 7 (deadline) Seocho Seoul
International Gugak Workshop Mar 26 (deadline) Seocho Seoul
Wednesday Midday Concerts 3rd Wed of each month Jung-gu Seoul
Sledding Hill Dec 15 – Feb 17 Hangang Seoul
Suncheon Bay Garden Expo 2013 Apr 20 – Oct 20 Suncheon Jeollanam-do
Five Color Starlight Garden Exhibition Dec 7 – Mar 3 Gapyeong Gyeonggi-do
Special Olympics World Winter Games Jan 26 – Feb 6 Pyeongchang Gangwon-do
Daegu Ice Rink Through Feb 11 Daegu Daegu
Traditional Music & Dance Saturdays 2013 Busan Busan

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  1. This will be better to pass time for Foreigners living in Korea at these quoted places rather than to wander here there uselessly. I appreciate these events. Muhammad Jamil. Daegu.



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