Hummus and Tuna Kimchi Pita Sandwich Wrap

Tired of your regular tuna sandwich made with bread from Paris Baguette and tuna with mayo?
Love Hummus?

Here's a recipe for a sandwich with a blend of Middle Eastern and Korean twist.

What you will need:
1) Pita Bread - can be bought at Itaewon Foreign Food Mart
2) Hummus - can also be bought at Itaewon Foreign Food Mart for 5,000 won
3) Lettuce
4) Tuna spread - made by mixing tuna with mayo and cream cheese
5) Kimchi bits (and onions) - I prefer them stir frying them for a bit. Onions are better caramelized too.
6) Dried seaweed
7) Optional: Scrambled egg, tomato, cucumber.

There's really no instructions needed other than stir frying the kimchi and then heating the pita bread for a bit in the pan you used to stir fry the kimchi in. Spread some hummus on the pita bread then combine all the remaining ingredients together to make a sandwich wrap.
Should have added more kimchi
Add seaweed and whatever else you want



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